Ofelia Ganea is Techno Engineering & Associates’ Claims Manager & Head of Forensic International. She is a graduate Mechanical Engineer with a Master Degree in the Engineering in Designing and Manufacturing of Products (Polytechnic University) and she has more than 15 years’ experience in Planning, Progress Monitoring and Management of Delays using “Time Impact Analysis” techniques, Integrated Planning of scheduling and resource allocation. During these years of experience, she was involved in planning of Road and Bridge Projects, Civil Projects, Waste Water Treatment Plant Projects and Contract Management under FIDIC Conditions of Contract.

She provided consultancy services for the Implementation of Primavera system including assistance of the beneficiary – starting from the determination of the Project Management necessities and ending with project methodology, testing of the prototypes and project development, training services.

She has spent time in UK and USA dealing with Expert Witnesses in delay analysis regarding international arbitration proceedings. She is an Expert Witness in Forensic Delay Analysis.