Ioana Otilia Isac

Ioana Isac graduated from Bucharest University with a degree in Romanian Law and together with her natural attention to detail her abilities have been complimented by formal FIDIC training with regular attendance to professionally organized seminars. On many occasions, Ioana has been responsible for the preparation of complete packages of referrals to Dispute Adjudication and has been specifically involved with the preparation and control of documentation and exhibits for submissions to the ICC Court of Arbitration.

In her capacity of Manager of the Claims Coordination Department, Ioana provides guidance and support to all departments involved in the complex activity of producing claims for our clients, predominantly those for Extension of Time for Completion and associated costs and claims for Changes in costs and legislation. Ioana also acts as a mediator between the company and the clients during the intensive process of exchanging information whilst the claim and its report are being prepared. Further, Ioana and her team perform the quality check of all the documents forming such submissions, which are produced by the Legal, Contracts, Planning and Technical Departments during the preparation and issuance of the claims.

Her department keeps a tight schedule to ensure that claims are submitted to the Engineer/Employer timely in accordance with the respective contracts our clients have with their Employers and the Consultancy Service Agreements entered into with TE&A. Ioana Isac is also responsible for essential in-house training with reference to the respective Contract, the nexus between the applicable legislation and the Conditions of Contract, Risk Assessment, Claims preparation, Dispute resolution and all other interrelated aspects of our services.