Violeta Dinu is a Nuclear Power Systems Engineer specialized in Power Systems Design Engineering and Construction Contract Management with 25 years of professional experience. Violeta has gathered most of her experience during her time as a designer, consulting engineer and works supervisor within projects of various disciplines in Romania and USA, including Conventional Power Plants. Violeta has worked as a systems engineer for projects in USA and for the last ten years she was working on several civil construction projects in Bucharest. During her professional career, Violeta has gathered a broad knowledge and professional understanding of the structure of civil construction technical design and contract management, from both perspectives having been the Systems Engineer and Tendering and Contracting Consultant as well as a member of the Contractor’s senior management staff. Her know-how and experience provide her with a global understanding of project management as well as project technical design. For the benefit of our clients, Violeta introduces her skills and dedication into Techno Engineering & Associates as being our Technical Director and Manager of QS & Quantum Department International.