Athanasios Stigas

Athanasios Stigas is the Executive Director of Techno Engineering & Associates. He is a licensed Civil Engineer with fifteen years of professional experience in Civil, Military and Infrastructure engineering works and he has acquired matchless expertise both in Greece and Romania. He began his career in Romania as Site Engineer, with international construction companies operating within the domain of Road Rehabilitation Projects. He had formerly been employed by major contractors in Greece as Site Engineer on major Motorway and Suburban Railway Projects, gathering a great experience on drilled pile foundation systems and other associated aspects of engineering. His activity in Greece continued with his involvement in Military Construction Projects, especially in Bridge construction, as Supervisor and Cost Controller. Continuing his career in Romania, Athanasios has excelled in the position of Site Manager on various major infrastructure Projects, such as road, motorway and railway projects, administrative, operation and residential buildings, and Industrial construction projects. During this period, Athanasios has successfully developed his abilities in contract administration, as well as in site administration, quality procedures and cost control management. He has also gained experience as the coordinator of a contractor’s Technical Department, preparing bidding documents and maintenance manuals. His career continued into Project Management enabling him to develop a strong Contracts Management acumen on projects implemented under the FIDIC Suite of Contracts. Athanasios introduced his skills and dedication into Techno Engineering & Associates initially as the Manager of Contracts Department before maturing his career now as Executive Director, being a professional who possesses core attributes such as self-awareness, integrity, resilience, confidence, empathy, ability to inspire and to communicate at all levels, all of the above being prerequisites that any powerful leader should be endowed with.