Working at TE&A


Robert Cruceru – Senior Lawyer

Here at TE&A, we are avid believers that the best results are achieved through the diversity of ideas shared between individuals. Consensus decision–making between personnel with a variety of talents have led to great achievements. TE&A encourages the flow of ideas and assists each and every member of our team to improve and expand on their natural talents. It is that special authentic mix of diversity which offers an unparalleled solid base for sustained development.

Lotfy Abdel Kader – Manager of Planning & Scheduling Department Middle East

“In TE&A we accept nothing less than well-grounded and precisely produced work for each product we deliver with utmost care. My fellow planning team and I aim beyond the highest professional standards, to guarantee the success of our mission.

TE&A has developed a rich environment of multicultural and multinational professionals who possess an unparalleled diversity of knowledge, background, experience, and innovative approaches to problem analysis and resolution. This environment has encouraged all of us to broaden our vision and “thinking out of the box” when our clients are facing certain challenges, which are often crippling. It heartened us, at both individual and team levels, to support each other and our clients to offer fresh prospective to facilitate successful outcomes to any situation that any of us may be faced with.”

Athanasios Stigas – Executive Director

“To be member of TE&A’s team is a great experience, a stimulating challenge and a privilege for broad-minded professionals.”

Denitsa Harizanova – Claims Manager & Country Manager Bulgaria

“Working at TE&A offers major challenges whilst at the same time provides a unique opportunity to develop skills and experience. It encourages us to further mature as professionals and to assist others to grow; we are given the chance to achieve a high level of professionalism in the various fields of the industry, which encourages dedication and promotes our best efforts in everything we do. This is a multinational and multi specialized environment requiring high demands which are extremely satisfying when our efforts prove successful outcomes.”

Ugo Galli – Claims Manager & Head of Middle East Operations

“Working at TE&A is a wonderful opportunity for all those striving for excellence. Such a combination of different professional skills together with continuous attention for professional development and training helps employees to grow, besides ensuring high quality services to our clients.”

Cerasela Angelescu – Group Marketing, PR & International Administration Director

“At TE&A I found a working environment that values my entrepreneurial instincts, offering me the opportunity to develop my strengths and expand my knowledge.”

Lino Morini – Financial & Administrative Manager

“One of the refreshing advantages of working with TE&A is receiving continuous support from fellow colleagues. It takes a short time to acknowledge the real impact of this environment and how much it assists developing knowledge and independence, ultimately arriving to a position to reciprocate the same support to other colleagues.”

Violeta Dinu – Claims Manager & Head of Quantity Surveying and Quantum Department

“The interdisciplinary departments at TE&A give opportunities to identify relevant information and gather it together as pieces of a puzzle, to produce a panoramic picture forming sound advice suitably tailored for our clients. Great individuals become exceptional when working together.”

Ioana Otilia Isac – Manager of the Claims Coordination Department

“In my opinion, the preparation of successful claims is the most challenging and satisfying activity within the construction consulting industry. It requires a combination of pride, passion, experience and an in-depth knowledge of all prerequisite components of a robust claim, as it marks the first essential milestone of the multi-tiered dispute resolution mechanism provided under the various forms of our clients’ Contracts. A claim prepared in a professional manner, using the appropriate methods recommended by the industry and recognised by DABs, arbitrators and the courts, will enhance the likelihood of achieving a successful outcome to the satisfaction of our clients, TE&A and at a personal level.”

As one of the most successful construction International Consulting Company focusing primarily in the preparation, substantiation and defence of Construction Claims and furthering the same through the Disputes’ Resolution process right through international arbitration, Techno Engineering & Associates (“TE&A”) is constantly searching for the best professionals holding specific expertise in Contract Management, Construction law, Forensic Delay Analysis, Forensic Quantum Analysis, Planning Engineering and Quantity Surveying.

We operate in the Balkans, Eastern Europe, Northern Africa and the Middle East from our offices located in Romania, Bulgaria and Qatar being ideally placed to meet the broadest range of career aspirations. Our commitment to leave a strong mark in this industry is matched by our dedication to the people who will make it a reality. We invest in your development, equipping you with the technical skills for the present and ensuring you have a fulfilling, long-term career.

Due to our increased workload and expansion plan, we have available the following positions:

Senior Lawyer
Senior Planner
Senior Contracts Manager
Senior Quantity Surveyor

If you wish to join a dynamic international consulting engineering team and you possess most or all of the above attributes, please confirm your interest and provide us with your updated CV at the following email address:

Students and graduates

We are constantly searching for smart, talented people, driven by the ambition to start a career as international consulting engineers. If you are an enthusiastic young student or graduate with the desire to leave a mark in the world, you came to the right place. What we offer is the opportunity to develop your skills in a highly dynamic and diverse workplace, with different people from different countries, cultures and backgrounds.

Have a look around our website and find out more about us. Techno Engineering & Associates is already collaborating with major Construction and Civil Engineering Universities in Europe so you could be the next colleague to join our team.