Senior Lawyer

The position will be within the Company in-house Legal Department and will entail dealing with international adjudications and ICC arbitrations, as well as providing legal and contractual advice and preparing legal submissions.

The ideal candidate should be proficient in English and possess better than average English writing skills.

General Duties would include:

  • counseling company management on legal aspects;
  • notifying department managers on the adoption and amendment of relevant legislation;
  • acting on behalf of the company during litigations and negotiations with public authorities and institutions domestically and abroad;
  • negotiating, drafting and endorsing contracts and relevant contractual correspondence;
  • providing legal expert advice on commercial, civil, labor and private international law;
  • attending all stages prior to lawsuits and arbitration (debating, direct agreements, notifications, and the like);
  • understanding construction-related legislation and other relevant norms;
  • training junior lawyers;
  • acting as co-Counsel in international adjudication and arbitration;
  • supporting the Company in-house Contract Management Department with legal and contractual opinions and advice.

Education & Ability Requirements:

  • graduate from Law University;
  • previous experience as a lawyer, minimum 10 years of active profession as a lawyer;
  • experience in contract management under FIDIC conditions of Contract would be an advantage;
  • experience in domestic and international arbitration procedures is a must;
  • experience in civil engineering related legislation;
  • English language – advanced;
  • PC knowledge (Word; Excel);
  • good organizational skills;
  • dynamism;
  • communication and interpersonal skills, empathy;
  • ability to work in a team and individually;
  • ability to keep deadlines;
  • organization and efficiency in the daily activity;
  • willing to learn and perfect professional performance;
  • willing and available for project-based business travel.

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