TE&A news – Issue 13

In this issue:

To claim or not to claim, that is the question – p.1
Giovanni Rigoni, Claims Manager & Head of Contracts Department International 
Loss of efficiency claims – p.5
Technical Director & Manager of QS and Quantum Department International 

Let’s pick a TE&A news – Issue 11

In this issue:

Planning for Adverse Weather – p.1
Sorin Ghiuta, Senior Planning Engineer
Termination of the Contract: A means to an end or an end to the means? – p.3
Radu Giumanca, Senior Contracts Manager
Changes in legislation and claims pursuant to FIDIC Sub-Clause 13.7 – p.5
Flaviu Rusu, Quantity Surveyor
Our employees are our most valuable asset! – p.8


Let’s pick a TE&A news – Issue 10

In this issue:

Allocation of Payments under the Romanian Law – p.1
Mara Verenciuc, Lawyer
Allocating Risks and/or Disrupting Technical Solutions – p.3
Valentin Milkov, Contracts Manager 


Let’s pick a TE&A news – Issue 9

In this issue:

Finance Charges on Late Payments – p.1
James Wood, Claims Manager & Head of Quantity Surveying & Quantum Department
Assessing damages in construction: Establishing causation and the concept of direct and indirect losses in Romanian law – p.3
Corina Dragota, Senior Lawyer 
Contracting in Romania- Risks, advantages, constraints, contract management, construction law and guidance, best practices, disputes and arbitration - p.5


Let’s pick a TE&A news – Issue 8

In this issue:

The mechanism of modification of public procurement contracts during their course under Instruction No. 1 dated 7 March 2016 and Law No. 98/2016 on public procurements – p.1
Anca Dobrescu, Lawyer
Events which can cause delay to completion of a project – p.3
Erdal Asim, Manager of Forensic Planning Department International 
Athanasios Stigas named as Executive Director; Mihaela Vulpescu succeeds him as Manager of Contracts Department - p.5


Let’s pick a TE&A news – Issue 7

In this issue:
Payment mechanism of amounts awarded through DAB decisions, introduced by EGO no. 7 on 18 March 2016 – p.1
Valentin Serban, Lawyer
Site Records How Contractors should evidence exceptionality and the effects of Adverse Climatic Conditions – p.3
Mircea Triculescu, Claims Manager and Head of Forensic International & QA
Techno Engineering & Associates is pleased to announce its involvement with the DRBF Regional
Conference & Workshop Livingstone, Zambia – p.6
Techno Engineering & Associates further consolidates its prominent position with the appointment of Mr. Valentin Stoica

Let’s pick a TE&A news – Issue 6

In this issue:

The powers of arbitrators when used properly – p.1
Marius Teodorescu, Senior Lawyer & Deputy Manager of Legal Department
Determination of Head Office Overheads in the context of construction projects for a project Tendered by a Joint Venture – p.3
Liliana Dumitriu, Unit Chief Quantity Surveyor
Techno Engineering & Associates is pleased with its involvement to the DRBF Regional Conference & Workshop Istanbul, Turkey – p.8