Construction of Pitesti Bypass

Description of project

The project is located in the center – south region of Romania. The total length of Pitesti Bypass is 15.1 km asphalt pavement out of which: 13.6 km of motorway, 1.18 km of N.R. 7 widening to four lanes, 0.384 km of N.R. 7 (four lanes section strengthening), including the following main works:

  • Overpasses at km 0+775 and km 2+648;
  • Bridges at km 4+260, 5+474, 6+260, 8+300, 8+750, 10+071, 11+921, 13+352 and 13+647;
  • Parking areas;
  • Construction of Interchanges and side roads arrangements;
  • Guardrails,
  • Drainage works and culverts;
  • Consolidation works.

Works Description:

  • Km 0+000 – km 13+600 – Motorway Profile;
  • Km 13+600 – km 14+780 – N.R. 7 Widening to 4 Lanes;
  • Km 14+780 – km 15+164 – Reinforcement of the existing N.R. 7.

Type of services provided by the Consultant

Techno Engineering & Associates offered to the Contractor Claims Resolution Assistance to prepare and follow up various interim claims pursuant to FIDIC Conditions of Contract, comprising the following:

  • Interviews of project participants and data collection;
  • Computerization of data relevant to goods and material’s categories that have exceptional price increases;
  • Selection of documents of effect;
  • Development of liability for claim issues;
  • Preparation of comparisons between material’s prices at tender stage and current prices;
  • Preparation of statistical models in order to calculate and compare, starting from the Project’s Commencement date, the forecasted price escalation based upon research and analysis of the 5 years applicable indices published by the Romanian National Institute of Statistics prior to tender with the actual price escalation;
  • System analysis of detailed Contractor’s price analysis;
  • Preparation of sub-networks for Time Impact Analysis and Retrospective Delay Analysis;
  • Identification of the econometric equation’s shape;
  • Testing of statistical model data and real data;
  • Statistical forecasts, variants, options;
  • Preparation of comparative tables on the data base;
  • Statistical identification of the connection (primary keys);
  • Completion of data base by the application of the equations;
  • Preparation of interface for computation (including menu);
  • Legal evaluation and formulation of argument under international Law;
  • Interim quantification of additional amount claimable by the Contractor;
  • Cause and effect relationship substantiation analysis;
  • Comparisons of As-Planned & As-Built Schedule to As-Adjusted Schedule;
  • Established cause for variance between As-Planned &As-Built Schedule;
  • Preparation of justification report, etc.