Rehabilitation of Railway Line Bucharest – Constanta Section Fundulea – Fetesti

Description of project

The objective of the works is to rehabilitate and upgrade the railway line to the technical and operational parameters enabling maximum speeds of 160 km/h for passenger trains and 120 km/h for freight trains, in order to fulfil the requirements defined by AGC and AGTC agreements.

The rehabilitation works mainly consist of:

  • Improvement of the railway sections geometry (curves rectification, section local variants, level rectification);
  • Improvement of the railway stations (turnout replacement, wide and covered platform execution, pedestrian under- or overpasses);
  • Rehabilitation of the embankments, reinforcing and art works;
  • Modification of the electric traction installation (contact line, power supply);
  • Modification and completion of the traffic safety installations (IS and ABS installations, railway telecommunication).

Type of services provided by the Consultant

Under this contract, Techno Engineering & Associates carried out the preparation of:

  • Interim Payment Applications (IPAs) which involved the following services:
    • Identifying the quantities of work executed in the reference period and assessing whether or not it corresponds to the contractual Bill of Quantities (BoQ) items;
    • Correlating the executed quantities of work with the BoQ items (works types and categories, quantities and unit prices);
    • Verifying the compliance of the executed work with the contract requirements (both the initial Contract and its Addenda) and other existing information regarding the Contract status and progress of the works;
    • Preparing and verifying IPA supporting documentation, based on the information provided by the Contractor, as required by the Contract and IPA’s agreed format (reports, calculations and other supporting documents), including Variation Orders in the reference period (if the case);
    • Transmitting the IPAs to the Contractor in order to be further submitted to the Engineer, who will then issue the Interim Payment Certificate.
    • Revision and preparation of Variation Order Proposals (VOPs) which involved the following services:
  • Reviewing of VOP by verifying the documents provided by the Contractor, referring to the scope and reasoning of the VOP and its compliance with the contractual provisions and purpose of the contracted Works, by:
    • Ensuring that the VOP’s objective is in line with the Contract, identifying the specific objective of the VOP (i.e. additional quantities or new items) and verifying the measurement method used and its results, the rates build up in support of the new items, the arithmetical calculations and whether the VOP documentation is in the correct and complete format;
    • Initiating and attending meetings with the Contractor and the Engineer, related to the object of the variation.