Rehabilitation works of the Railway track Simeria – Curtici – Borderline

Description of project

The existing railway line between km 614 – Borderline (km 655+185) begins after Ghioroc station and includes a part of the current line Ghioroc – Cicir, Cicir station, current line Cicir – Glogovăţ, Glogovăţ station, current line Glogovăţ – Arad station, Arad station, current line Arad – Şofronea, Şofronea station, current line Şofronea – Curtici, Curtici station and current line Curtici – Frontieră.

The total length of the route is of 41,185 km and is entirely located in Arad.

The localities within Arad County crossed by the project are:

  • Curtici city;
  • Şofronea commune;
  • Arad city;
  • Vladimirescu commune;
  • Păuliş commune.

Type of services provided by the Consultant

Under this contract Techno Engineering & Associates carried out the following Consultant’s tasks:

  • Contract Management Assistance, comprising the following:
    • Contractual retrospective and prospective review of Tender and Contract documents in relation to the applicable Conditions of Contract;
    • Risk Analysis Reports;
    • Evaluation of changes in legislation after base date affecting the Contract;
    • Review of project correspondence from inception to date of inception of assignment;
    • Advising on required Contractor’s action with relevance to review of monthly project correspondence;
    • Drafting of all contractual notices;
    • Identification of potential claims;
    • Preparation of summary background of projects and claims;
    • Developing liability analysis for claim issues;
    • Drafting procedures for the implementation and controlling of project contemporary records;
    • Contractual risk management monitoring.
  • Planning, reconstitution/revision and monitoring of the Programme of the Works services:
    • Preparation and/or revision of Programme of Works by using Primavera Project Management software and Critical Path Method;
    • Monthly monitoring, updating and reporting for the previously most updated Programme of the Works.
  • Real Time Claims Management Services:
    • Preparation, supporting and following up of all claims for Extension of Time and compensation;
    • Identification of “cause” of delays;
    • Monitoring, updating and identification of the “effect” of each delay event.
  • Preparing of VOP, by:
    • Ensuring that the VOP’s objective is in line with the Contract and identifying the specific objective of the VOP;
    • Determining of the additional quantities or new rates to be included in the VOP (including supporting documents and calculations), based on the documents provided by the Contractor and ensuring also their compliance with the standard form agreed by the Parties