Sewerage Extension and Completion of Rosiori Main Sewer

Description of project

The Project encompasses the Design & Build, under FIDIC Yellow Book, Edition 1999, of the sewerage extension and completion of Rosiori Main Sewer in Braila, in four separately identifiable elements of the works forming the EU ISPA Measure 2000, as follows:

  • Improvements to the sewerage system, including provision of first-time sewerage in some areas;
  • Modernization of the streets for approx. 35 km length;
  • Completion and remedial works to an existing tunnel (New Main Sewer);
  • Provision of sewer maintenance equipment.

In detail the works comprise:

  • Connecting the new and existing lateral sewers to the New Main Sewer including reinstatement of roads;
  • Extending the sewerage network in Radu Negru, Chercea and Vidin Districts including new connections laid to manholes near property boundaries;
  • Constructing of a new Pumping station and Rising Main in Radu Negru District;
  • Refurbishment of the Braila South pumping station and providing a new rising main;
  • Providing roads and road drainage to Radu Negru, Chercea and Vidin Districts;
  • Tunneling works using TBM technology.

Type of services provided by the Consultant

Techno Engineering & Associates offered to the Contractor Claims Resolution Assistance to prepare and follow up various interim claims pursuant to FIDIC Conditions of Contract, comprising the following:

  • Detailed price analysis comprising adaptation of Contractor’s “owning & operating” plant rates, calculation of production rates, determination of manpower usage in relation with the schedule, ad hoc calculation of site overheads costs, calculation of headquarter overheads and profits using Hudson, Emden and Eichleay formula to identify and recover unabsorbed costs and preparation of detailed price analysis for every lump sum item;
  • Interviews of project participants and data collection;
  • Computerization of data relevant to goods and material’s categories that have exceptional price increases;
  • Selection of documents of effect and development of liability for claim issues;
  • Preparation of comparisons between material’s prices at tender stage and current prices;
  • Preparation of statistical models in order to calculate and compare, starting from the Project’s Commencement date, the forecasted price escalation based upon research and analysis of the 5 years applicable indices published by the Romanian National Institute of Statistics prior to tender with the actual price escalation;
  • System analysis of detailed Contractor’s price analysis;
  • Identification of the variables;
  • Identification of the econometric equation’s shape;
  • Testing of statistical model data and real data;
  • Preparation of “fragnets” for Time Impact Analysis;
  • Preparation of As-Adjusted Schedule series;
  • Extraction of As-Built Schedule data from project records;
  • Preparation of As-Built Schedule;
  • Comparison of As-Planned & As-Built Schedule to As-Adjusted Schedule;
  • Preparation of comparative tables on the data base;
  • Statistical identification of the connection (primary keys);
  • Completion of data base by the application of the equations;
  • Programme of the works update as to progress and effect of all delays that have occurred up to the date of notice;
  • Preparation of interface for computation (including menu);
  • Legal evaluation and formulation of argument under international Law and preparation of justification report.