Sibiu Urban Transport Pre-Accession Project Rehabilitation of Station Square and Selected Roads

Description of project

The project is located in Sibiu City, on the central part of Romania. Sibiu has been selected as Cultural Capital of Europe for 2007 and is seeking to rehabilitate key aspects of its infrastructure, including:

  • Rehabilitation of a rail / bus / road interchange (Station Square);
  • Rehabilitation of selected city streets;
  • Public lighting in the Old Town.

The Project will help Sibiu to prepare for EU Accession by building up capacity to prepare and implement major infrastructure projects. It will also improve the performance of the public transport system through increased commercialization of the public transport company services.

This will include implementation of a multi-year public service contract between the City and the public transport company as well as the involvement of the private sector, as appropriate.

The terms of a public service contract are expected to include:

  • Transparent multi-year payment for service;
  • Creating targets and incentives to increase efficiency;
  • Making the transport company responsible for investment planning and financing.

Type of services provided by the Consultant

Techno Engineering & Associates carried out for the Contractor the Contract / Project Management, Planning, Revision and Monitoring of the Programme of the Works Assistance for the above projects and Constructability Review Design in accordance with the following:

  • Integrated Contract / Project Management Services, comprising the following:
  • Contractual retrospective and prospective review of Tender and Contract documents in relation to the applicable FIDIC Conditions of Contract;
  • Risk Analysis Report;
  • Evaluation of changes in legislation after base date affecting the Contracts;
  • Review of Project Correspondence from inception to date of inception of assignment;
  • Developing liability analysis for claim issues;
  • Drafting and / or review of all responses of contractual notices;
  • Drafting and / or review of all contractual notices;
  • Preparation of summary background of project claims;
  • Contractual risk management monitoring;
  • Advising on Romanian Applicable law affecting the Contract, etc.
  • Planning, Transformation / Revision and Monitoring of the Programme of the Works, comprising the following:
  • Site investigation;
  • Review of Tender Working Drawings;
  • Revision of Programmes of Works using Primavera;
  • Revision of Projects budget revenues deriving from the Revised Programmes of the Works;
  • Monthly monitoring and reporting for all Programmes of the Works.
  • Constructability Review of Design.