Street rehabilitation program in Cluj-Napoca – 288 streets

Description of project

The Project involved street rehabilitation in Cluj-Napoca’s most important neighborhoods, namely: Andrei Muresanu, Aurel Vlaicu, Bulgaria, Central-Horea, Dambu Rotund, Georgheni, Grigorescu, Gruia, Iris-Oasului, Manastur, Marasti, Plopilor, Someseni, Zorilor, N. Titulescu, and Cordos.
The asphalt work program lasted for 1 year, due to the large volume of works put together with the necessities required by the public assets under the asphalt (district heating networks, gas, electric cables, telephone lines, etc).
The following works were undertaken:

  • Street layout rehabilitation;
  • Pavement covering with asphalt mixture;
  • Alleys and cross-roads covering with steel concrete setts;
  • Curb assembly;
  • Street repairing and maintaining with infillings and longitudinal road posts.

Works covered a total of 288 streets, distributed between the aforementioned areas.

Type of services provided by the Consultant

Under this contract Techno Engineering & Associates carried out the following Consultant’s tasks:

  • Integrated Contract / Project Management Services, comprising the following:
  • Contractual retrospective and prospective review of Tender and Contract documents in relation to the FIDIC Conditions of Contract for Works of Civil Engineering Construction, Fourth Edition Published in 1987;
  • Risk Analysis Reports;
  • Evaluation of changes in legislation after base date affecting the Contract;
  • Review of project correspondence from inception to date of inception of assignment;
  • Advising on required Contractor’s action with relevance to review of monthly project correspondence;
  • Drafting and / or review of all responses of contractual notices;
  • Drafting and / or review of all contractual notices;
  • Identification of potential claims and disputes;
  • Preparation of summary background of projects and claims;
  • Developing liability analysis for claim issues;
  • Drafting procedures for the implementation and controlling of project contemporary records;
  • Advising on Romanian Applicable Law affecting the Contract;
  • Contractual risk management monitoring, etc.
  • Planning, Transformation / Revision and Monitoring of the programme of the Works, comprising the following:
  • Site investigation;
  • Review of Tender and Working Drawings;
  • Revision of Programmes of Works using Primavera;
  • Revision of Projects budget revenues deriving from the revised Programmes of the Works;
  • Monthly monitoring and reporting for all Programmes of the Works, etc.