Timisoara Waste Treatment Plant Rehabilitation

Description of project

The scope of the Works is the Design and Construction of the rehabilitation of Timisoara Wastewater Treatment Plant dealing with a hydraulic flow of 3,000 l / s for a population of approximately 380,000 inhabitants. This includes the rehabilitation of civil constructions, new screens building with automatic coarse and fine screens, a new foul pumping station, a new combined sand / grease removal unit, a new set of aeration tanks, four new circular final settlement tanks, a new blower and chemical dosing building, sludge thickening-dewatering building including all equipment, refurbishment of the existing storm pumping station with provision of storm pumps with maximum capacity of 21 m³ / s, rehabilitation of four existing final settlement tanks and four partial storm tanks, replacement of equipment and electrical installation and the installation of a PLC SCADA system. Treated effluent must comply with the EC Urban Wastewater Treatment Directive 91/271/EEC for discharge into non-sensitive waters.

Type of services provided by the Consultant

Techno Engineering & Associates provided contractual, technical and financial consulting to the Contractor relevant to the International Arbitration commenced under the ICC International Court of Arbitration in Paris, on the merits and quantum of the Contractor’s claims, as below:

  • Preparing file submissions and correspondence on behalf of the Contractor;
  • Representing the Contractor at any hearings in connection with the Arbitration proceedings;
  • Liaising with the ICC Secretariat in the International Court of Arbitration;
  • Reviewing and commenting on the Terms of Reference prepared by the Arbitral Tribunal;
  • Preparing Summaries of Claims and Relief Sough for the preparation of the TOR;
  • Attending first Procedural Meeting with Respondent and Arbitral Tribunal for the signing of the TOR;
  • Researching, preparing and submitting Claimant’s “Statement of Claims” on the merits and quantum of its Claims;
  • Reviewing Respondent’s “Statement of Defense”;
  • Meeting with Arbitral Tribunal’s Independent Experts Reports;
  • Attending of and presenting / defending at the final arbitral hearing and providing technical support on surveying, design, delay analysis and quantum.