Upgrading the Water and Wastewater System in Pascani, Upgrading the Motca Supply System

Description of project

The primary purpose of the Works was to substantially improve the water supply services to the inhabitants of the Municipality of Pascani, a city located in the east part of Romania.
In particular the works could be described in the following: (i) lift the existing restrictions to water supply by increasing the capacity of the Motca source to supply water to the Municipality of Pascani to 17.5 Ml / d; (ii) safeguard the long term financial sustainability of the water supply service by reducing power consumption on the Motca supply stream (between the break pressure tank at Motca and the existing Service Reservoirs) to a specific consumption of 0.5 kW – hr / m3; (iii) increase reliability of the potable water supply system by renewal and / or rehabilitation of life expired plant forming part of the Motca supply stream.
The Project comprises the following main works:

  • The rehabilitation of the well field comprising 62 wells developed on four (4) well fields;
  • The rehabilitation of four reservoirs, along with a 400 mm diameter, 800 m interconnecting pipe;
  • The construction of a 600 mm diameter, 35 km main pipeline;
  • The construction of a new pumping station and administrative building;
  • The construction of chlorination station and chlorine storage.

Type of services provided by the Consultant

Scope of services to be performed by the Consultant are Contractual, Technical, Legal Assistance on Romanian Law matters Consulting Services as “Counsel for Claimant” relevant to various international arbitrations for the above Project during the Arbitral Proceedings that commenced on 26 August 2009 under the ICC International Court of Arbitration in Paris, France, on the merits and quantum at termination of the Contractor`s claims for damages for the Project following the wrongful and unlawful termination of the Prime Agreement by the Employer, which generally will be to prepare, make and file any and all submissions, correspondence and documents on behalf of the Contractor and to represent the Contractor at any hearings in connection with the Arbitration Proceedings; and to attend to all ancillary matters and to do all other such acts and things on behalf of the Contractor as may, in the absolute discretion of the Consultant, be necessary or desirable for or in connection with the said Arbitration Proceedings.